Gas Line Installation
Gas leaks can be lethal and catastrophic. Because gas is odorless, that “rotten eggs” odor is added to alert you to a problem. You might catch a whiff when the pilot doesn’t light immediately or in older ranges when the pilot goes out. With life and property at potential risk, gas line installation is not a DIY project. “Close enough” or “good enough” simply isn’t enough! Gas line installation has to be done to specification. There isn’t room for error. That’s why you need a Samaritan technician to install your gas lines.


What’s Your Line?
New gas line installation is needed when you want to extend your current line to create an outdoor entertainment center complete with lights and gas grill. Our technicians can determine the proper BTU level for the installation. You’ll also need new gas lines when you convert your home from electric heat or switch from an electric to a gas range. This is a complex process and it’s best left to professionals.


One Step Further
When you have a gas line installed don’t forget to inspect your carbon monoxide detectors. The cost of a properly functioning monitor is nothing compared to the cost of losing a loved one to carbon monoxide poisoning. We want your family to be safe!


You should also replace gas lines whenever you replace your gas appliances:

  • Range
  • Dryer
  • Furnace
  • Hot water heater

New appliances deserve new lines and connections. It’s a matter of safety!


It’s What We Do
You trust us to install your gas appliances. You can also trust us to properly install your gas lines. Samaritan technicians take your safety seriously. They understand what is at stake. Leaks can be catastrophic. We make certain that your gas lines are completely safe and secure before we sign off on your installation.