Mobile Home Furnace Repair
Furnaces in mobile homes are not the same as furnaces installed in traditional residences. The duct systems are configured differently, and in a mobile home, it is commonly referred to as an extended plenum system. Mobile home furnaces are typically installed in the supply duct, another difference from furnaces in traditional construction. Despite these differences, the function is the same. The end result is also the same: delivery of heat throughout your home. You don’t need to know the technical differences between traditional and mobile home furnaces, but your repair technician definitely does. You can count on Samaritan technicians to understand how your furnace operates.

Pilot Light or Control Board?
Not all mobile home furnaces are alike, so it’s critical to understand the difference. Older furnaces rely on a pilot light that remains constantly lit and a device called a thermocouple. Newer furnaces use a control board with a spark generator or hot surface ignitor that turns off after the gas is burning. This difference may not be noticeable to you, but knowing which type of furnace you have will help our technicians give you the prompt service you need when your furnace isn’t working. If knowledge is power, our technicians will supply you with all the power you need to repair the situation.

Up and running in no time!
Samaritan understands that time is of the essence. A Michigan deep-freeze is not the time to dawdle! Expect a prompt resolution to your furnace frustrations. Our technicians will:

  • Make your furnace repair a priority
  • Diagnose the issue promptly
  • Resolve the issue with all due speed and efficiency
  • Wrap up the repair professionally

Home Sweet Home!
Our technicians will treat both you and your property with the respect you deserve. Warmth is what home is all about. When your furnace leaves your family chilled to the bone, call Samaritan for help. You’ll be back in your warm “Home Sweet Home” before you know it!

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