Electric & Gas Range and Wall Oven Repair
Let’s face it. There are two types of cooks: those who consider the kitchen the heart of the home and those who would rather eat out than cook for themselves. Which cook is going to call for range or oven repair? If you belong to the second group, you probably haven’t even noticed that your range doesn’t work anymore. If you belong to the first group, you are in full-blown panic mode. You can’t live another day without a functioning stove or oven. Your kitchen needs life support!

Samaritan knows there are also two other types of cooks: those who use electric exclusively and those who prefer gas. Good luck trying to change a cook’s mind on that choice! Thank goodness that Samaritan offers both electric and gas range repair!

Burned to a crisp!
Your range may be basic or it may be a state-of-the-art, commercial-grade appliance. Either way, many things can go wrong that require range or oven repair:

  • Was it your daughter’s birthday cake that came out raw in the center that threw you into a tizzy?
  • Was it the turkey that came out of the oven charred on the outside, pink on the inside that made you heartsick? You know you’ll be hearing about that disaster for the next twenty Thanksgivings.
  • The programmable timer quit working so dinner was delayed.

From minor irritation to a major breakdown, Samaritan can repair your range. Nothing says “love” like a home-cooked meal! Call Samaritan today for your peace of mind and start spreading the love. 

Now You’re Cooking!
Samaritan offers both electric and gas range repair on all major brands. You don’t need to worry about our technicians. They are factory-trained and authorized to work on most major brands, so they know how to repair your range. We use only manufacturer recommended replacement parts that come with a warranty.

  • Whirlpool™
  • Roper
  • Kitchen Aide™
  • Frigidaire™
  • Tappan™
  • Maytag™
  • Bosch™
  • Haier
  • Gibson™
  • General Electric™
  • Samsung™
  • Thermador™
  • Kenmore™
  • LG
  • Electrolux
  • And more…